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"Miratorg Zapad" has increased the volume of production of semi-finished products and ready meals in the first quarter of 2019 by 13% to 13.4 thousand tons
"Miratorg Zapad", the leading Russian manufacturer of frozen meat products and ready meals, reports that from January to March 2019 has shipped 13.4 thousand tons of finished products, increasing production volume by 13% compared to the same period of 2018.
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Agricultural holding Miratorg has invested in high-tech plant in the Kaliningrad region more than $ 6 billion and continues to invest in production development. A company with a capacity of 80 thousand tonnes per year produces more than 200 types of frozen meat products and ready meals are products under the brand of "agribusiness" and corporate clients, including international restaurant chains. The factory is certified in accordance with international standards of quality and safety and delivers competitive products to foreign markets.

The increase in production due to increased demand for high-quality semi-finished products as in the retail market and in the sphere of public catering. By the end of 2019 "Miratorg West" plans to supply the market with 60 thousand tons, 17% more than in 2018.

"The immediate prospects for the development of the enterprise associated with the increase of production and range of products. We continue to invest in expanding production, advanced technologies and launch new products that meet the tastes and expectations of consumers. Our priorities remain consistently high level of quality and increase the share of own raw materials consumption in the enterprise", - said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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