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Manufacturer of sunflower seeds, "Martin" went to court because of the brand Martini
The company wants to cancel the protection of the rights of Bacardi & Company brand
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The company "Martin", known in Russia as producer of sunflower seeds and snacks, asked the court for early termination of copyright protection for a trademark Martini.

Now the brand is owned by Bacardi & Company that produces vermouth and other alcoholic products. Martin intends to seek in court early cancellation of validity of protection of rights to certain types of goods such as plant and animal products, soft drinks, beer, vegetables and fruit. The main argument of the company is that of Bacardi & Company does not use the brand in sales of these products.

The company "Martin" works at the Russian market since 2000, the first enterprise was founded in city Elektrougli. The company initially produced different types of snacks, but at some point gave priority to the production of roasted sunflower seeds.




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