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Baltika introduced a new mobile app to enhance the efficiency of warehouses
New app "logistics Audit" helps to quickly and accurately audit the warehouse, which significantly increases the efficiency of warehouse logistics and is another step in the implementation of the principles of the paperless office. It solution was developed by the Russian company "Monolit info".
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New development that is embedded in the company "Baltika" is a step towards automation of the audit, which allows us to achieve precision in gathering analytical information. Mobile application "logistics Audit" allows to plan and control the activities of employees engaged in audit of warehouse. Today a new app used to audit 48 of consignment warehouses and 3PL warehouses*, 313 warehouses distributors in all regions of Russia. In the future, the mobile app "logistics Audit" will be used in other companies of the Carlsberg Group's Eastern Europe region.

The new system allows productive work to identify violations at the company's warehouses and partners. Using the application, employees can exercise operational control over the elimination of violations, it greatly increases the efficiency of interaction between logistics partners and the company. All audit results are confirmed by photographs, which reduces the risk of incorrect audit opinion employee.

Annex has a convenient intuitive interface with tips and instructions available for each step of the visit. Due to this, the audit warehouse can be performed by any employee of the company. The user can see on screen all the warehouses in your area, finding the right warehouse at the address or the name, plan a visit and build a route to it.

Special application interface "logistics Audit" designed for logistics the Company's partners – distributors and suppliers of products. It allows you to access the results of the audit of the warehouses of partners, introduces the details of the audit reports on elimination of the remarks revealed during the last audit, gives you the opportunity to confirm actual performance of work with documents and photos.

Yuri Gerlich, head of Department of consulting and implementation company "Monolit-info": "At the heart of mobile application development "Audit logistics" was the idea to create a convenient and ergonomic application that allows any responsible company "Baltika", to analyze the quality of use of warehouse space partners. Built-in management tools "auditors" allow the most efficient use of human and time resources. And services of interaction with logistics partners make themselves as transparent as the audit processes, and processes of eliminating observations on the results of the audit. The number of services and functionality of mobile applications on the "Baltic" is constantly growing. This means that service companies are feeling the impact of mobile technology".

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