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The mechanism of agricultural management on breeding livestock – how it should work
The network of selection-hybrid centers will be established in Bashkiria
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The Ministry of agriculture of Bashkiria is considering the establishment of selection-hybrid centers (SGC) as the regional operators for the development of livestock breeding, said the Agency "Interfax-the Volga region" the Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Revner Baitullin.

"In a competitive agricultural market in the livestock sector are particularly sought after technology of breeding and rearing of highly productive cattle. It is first and foremost about the development of livestock breeding. The specialized regional organizations with competencies on the organization of breeding work and artificial insemination," he explained.

According to the Deputy Minister at the beginning of 2019, on the territory of Bashkortostan there are 24 breeding plant, 70 speakers, 16 gene pools and 6 breeding and genetic breeding centers of different types and areas of productivity of livestock and poultry, 10 for accounting, control, assessment of the level of breeding value of animals, information technology selection and breeding work, artificial insemination of animals, the storage and sale of seed producing animals.

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Monday, 25 May 2020
Friday, 22 May 2020
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