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"Miratorg" will increase production of pork by 33% in 2019
APH "Miratorg", the largest vertically integrated agro holding in Russia, announces that the meat processing plant "SK Korocha", included in the holding company, in connection with the growth in demand for products in consumer packaging, plans in 2019 to increase the production of pork to 11.5 thousand tons, 33% more than in 2018.
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Miratorg is the number 1 manufacturer of pork in Russia. The increase in the production of high quality wide range of products focused on the end user, is part of the strategy of the company. Specialists of the holding regularly monitoring the market and planning to increase production volumes on the basis of data on consumer preferences.

High-tech meat processing plant "SK Korocha" today is the largest in Russia. The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment, including high-speed automated production lines manufacturing products in consumer packaging, the range of which includes more than 200 items.

Pork skewers "Miratorg", due to its excellent taste and quality indicators, has been repeatedly recognized among the best. So in 2018 laboratory studies have confirmed that the company's products meet not only the mandatory requirements of the legislation, but also to the advanced standard Roskoshestvo.

The range of barbecue produced at the moment, "SK Korocha", includes six items: skewers of pork neck, "Traditional", "Deli", "Grill", "Classic", "Tender". In production process we use meat from animals grown on our own pig-breeding grounds of the agricultural holding, which ensures its high quality and safety.

"The demand for the kebabs of the company "Miratorg" is growing every year. And we do our best to justify the trust of customers. In our range of barbecue lovers can find products from tender pork neck, juicy ham and pork chops in the marinade with the addition of natural herbs and spices, giving the meat a deep rich taste and aroma. The success of our products use high quality ingredients and recipes, designed to meet the preferences of majority of consumers", - commented the press service of the holding.

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