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Amur farmers to make up for the delay in sowing of soybean
Almost 30% of the Amur farmers behind the plan for sowing of soybean. To catch up due to rain have until the middle of June, otherwise the harvest of early maturing varieties can not wait.
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The work has begun, happy Victor Gutsalov, mechanic agriculture name of Negron. SEV kept the precipitation, which in may fell 75 mm, from the mud we had to get every third car. Now, to catch up, each combine daily runs of 500 acres.

"At the moment, worked well, the weather recovered. A week ago we couldn't get into the field after the rains. Now dry, began to sow" - said the mechanic farms the name of Negron Victor Gutsalov.

Start to sow beans in late April or early may when the soil warms up. For germination the seeds need a lot of moisture. To complete the work on time it is imperative that the earth does not have time to dry out.

"This is one of the last fields, there was a heavy cleaning. Cleaned in wet weather, the track was, well and accordingly we are not treated after harvest and cultivator broke a little welding, now repair, restore", - said the foreman of the farm name of Negroni Artem Samsonov.

This season under early maturing soybean varieties gave a little more than 4.5 thousand hectares, less than half of the plan.

"Weeds are already large, it turns out that we're doing two of cultivation, and then harrow to pull out the remaining weeds. Will the following operation - soil herbicide screen action," explained chief agronomist of the farm name of Negron Elena Vlasenko.

To complete sowing of soybean, the operators of this farm plan to June 12. Without interruption work farmers and other businesses, the leaders of the Tambov, Ivanovo and Constantine areas.




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