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EU countries increase imports of rapeseed and rapeseed meal
EU countries in the period 18-25 August significantly increased its imports of rapeseed and rapeseed meal.
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So, according to the report of experts of the European Commission, purchases of oilseeds by the countries of the bloc in the reporting period amounted to 275,9 thousand tons, which is 22% higher than the previous week (225,7 thousand tons). The highest demand for the specified culture were recorded by the Netherlands, which imported 102,7 thousand tons of oilseeds, Belgium (89,4 thousand tons) and Germany (60,4 thousand tons).

Since the beginning of the current season (1 Jul – 25 Aug) import of rape seeds in the EU reached 799 thousand tons, which is more than 2 times higher than in the same period of the previous year (360 thousand tons). The share of supplies of Ukrainian rapeseed in the total volume of imports is estimated at 80%, Canada – 11%, Kazakhstan – 1%.

Import of rapeseed meal in the past week increased 4.3 times and 3.7 to 16.3 thousand tons, which is the maximum weekly volume of purchases of this product from the beginning of the season. Most high demand the experts recorded from Spain, which bought 10.7 thousand tons of rapeseed meal.

Since the beginning of the season 2019/20 the EU already imported 48,5 thousand tons of rapeseed meal (+30% per year). Of this amount, almost half were purchased from Russia (24 thousand tons). Another 34% in the Ukraine (16 thousand tons) and 10% - Belarus (5 kt).




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