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Argentina in August increased soybean oil exports
According to experts of Oil World, in August this year, Argentina increased shipments of soybean oil on foreign markets up to 590 thousand tons, compared with 559 thousand tons exported in July, also higher than in the same month of the previous year (507 thousand tons).
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At the same time, the export product of Brazil and Paraguay in August decreased to 109 (129; 215) thousand tons and 55 (68; 46) thousand tonnes respectively.

The total volume of shipments of soybean oil from the three countries was in August 754 thousand tonnes, broadly in line with the figure for the previous month (756 thousand tonnes), but lower than the level of shipments in August 2018 (768 tonnes).

As for the countries-importers of product from South America, in the reporting month, the highest demand was recorded traditionally from India, which purchased the 377 thousand tons (379 thousand tons in July of this year) and the PRC – 90 (103) thousand tons, and Bangladesh, which increased purchases to 57 (26) thousand tonnes. Also in August recorded a growth of purchases by Egypt, which imported 30 thousand tons, while in July this year and August 2018, the importer did not make any purchases of soybean oil.

In just 8 months of this year total exports of soybean oil from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay increased by 17% to 5.2 million tons against 4.4 million tonnes in the same period last year.




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