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A bunch of grapes weighing 4 kg won the competition in Lipetsk region
If you think that in the Lipetsk region it is difficult to grow good grapes, you are mistaken!
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Last weekend took place in Lipetsk "Fair of grapes and honey Lipetsk region", informs a portal lipetskmedia.ru.

Presented their achievements 17 winegrowers of the region. Despite the vagaries of the weather, they managed to grow a good crop "Sunny bunch".

At the fair – the festival had more than 200 grape varieties: "Laura", "Super Extra", "Kadryanka", "Camelot", "Helios", "Gift Zaporozhye", "the Gift of Saratov", "Wedding", "Beauty", "Friendship", "Kish-Mish № 342" and many others.

Residents tasted the grapes, I buy berries and seedlings. The gardeners consulted visitors on the cultivation of the vine in the region.

Beekeepers Stanovlyanskiy, gryazinskiy, Lipetsk areas have brought healing honey: floral, lime, meadow, buckwheat.

Fair participants also took photos in the area of colors and gifts of fall, buy exotic house plants – lemons, tangerines, oranges.

Independent experts determined the winners in the nominations "The good bunch", "the good berry", "the sweetest berries of table grapes", "the sweetest berry technical grapes". So, the most important of the bunch weighed almost four kilograms, according to the Agency for international development in Lipetsk region.




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Wednesday, 03 March 2021
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