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AGROSILA plans to improve the quality of the harvesting campaign of maize by innovative equipment
Agricultural Holding AGROSILA preparing for harvesting corn.
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A total of culture for the harvest of 2019 planted more than 14 hectares of arable land in Aznakaevo, Sarmanovsky, Nizhnekamsk, Tukaevsky, Muslyumovsky and Zainsk regions of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is planned that the harvest of corn for grain will exceed 25.4 thousand tons with an average yield of 50 quintals per hectare. Indicators of culture that are recycled for silage: yield 225 kg/ha, the gross harvest -204,7 thousand tons

According to the chief engineer of JSC "agrosila" Ayrat gaynutdinova, especially for the harvest of corn was purchased Reaper "Drago". "This technology of Italian production minimizes direct losses when harvesting corn for grain. In addition, interchangeable adapters for harvesting maize for Kornai (crimped grain maize is a milled wet mass, approx. Ed) can significantly increase the efficiency of the harvesters themselves. It greatly reduces the cost of harvested products," - said Ayrat case.

At the end of the agricultural season in 2019, the holding company "AGROSILA" plans to be among the leaders in terms of yield of key crops among the enterprises of the agro-industrial sector of the Republic of Tatarstan. Gross turnover of crop production areas to ensure production will constitute 500 thousand tons of grain, 1.1 million tons, 20 thousand tons of corn and 30 thousand tons of sunflower. For 2019 in the horticultural sector, planned investments in the amount of 616 million rubles.

"The main part of investments is directed on updating of machine and tractor fleet, including the acquisition of modern high-tech machines. These facilities will further allow the company to expand the use of tools and precision agriculture technologies to increase control over the implementation of aproperty, reduce labor costs, the timing of sowing and harvesting companies, as well as to minimize the influence of the human factor," - said Ayrat case.

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