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A number of regions of the Russian Federation does not need Federal subsidies for agriculture
A number of regions of the Russian Federation refused Federal subsidies for agriculture due to the lack of need for them. "A number of constituent entities of the Russian Federation sent letters to the Ministry of agriculture for waiver of part limits in the absence of needs," - told "Interfax" the press service of the Ministry.
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"For effective use of means of the Federal budget about 3 billion roubles have been reallocated in accordance with the planned amendments to the law on the budget for 2019 in the framework of the state program", - added there.

According on September 5, the total amount directed to regions funds to support farmers amounted to 118.2 billion rubles. On 19 September, subject to failure, the amount brought to the regions of funds decreased to 115.4 billion rubles. Of them, the regions sent to the recipients 76,8 billion, or 66.5% of the required size. This is 1.4 percentage points above the rate on 12 Sep 2019.

The Ministry of agriculture said that farmers received 91.2% of the subsidies for per-hectare support and 92.5% of the subsidies to increase the productivity in dairy cattle.

For transferring the funds to the farmers at present are the leaders of the Vologda region (93.2 per cent), Kirov region (91,8%), Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (91,7%), Altai Krai (90,5%), Irkutsk oblast (89,8%), Zabaykalsky Krai (87,7%), Krasnoyarsk Krai (87,4%), Magadan region (86.9 per cent), Sakhalin oblast (86.9 per cent), Komi Republic (85,7%), Nizhny Novgorod oblast (85.6 per cent) and other regions.

Among the Laggards - Ingushetia (19,1%), Sevastopol (24,6%), Rostov oblast (35.3 per cent), North Ossetia (37%), Amur oblast (48%), Jewish Autonomous oblast (49%) and Astrakhan oblast (49.4 per cent).





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