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To September 25, agrarians of Belarus sowed winter grains 68% of the area
On the sidelines of the country in parallel with the cleaning of the autumn harvest is sowing of winter crops.
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The President instructed to complete this work before October 1. On the last day in the country planted 68% of the planned areas. The lead farmers of the region where the work is performed more than 80%. Behind The Gomel Region. The region has coped with the task in 53%.

The reason for the backlog in the Committee on agriculture and foodstuffs of Gomel regional Executive Committee to explain the weather conditions. Now all the farms in the region intensified.

In the production agricultural cooperative "50 years of October" in Rechitsa district on sowing of winter crops involved the most experienced and responsible operators that in the field the whole day. The farm Director Grigory Shpakov in workers sure, but the weather can throw surprises:

— The rains. This as a gift for farmers. However, the night cold may slow down germination. To finish the sowing of winter crops before October 1 really. To spend the whole train of autumn agricultural works in optimal time, we have a good technical base, experienced and responsible workers.

The leaders of the region is Mothersin. Lagging economy in Korma, Kalinkovichi, Zhlobin and Vetka districts. Perhaps a more mild climate give the southerners some odds, but the management field requires to accelerate.





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