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The farmers of the Orenburg region have harvested two million tonnes of grain
On October 1, in the region of the beveled 2 million of 251.4 thousand hectares, threshed 2 million of 247.5 thousand hectares harvested 2 million 3.2 tonnes, the average yield is 8.9 q/ha.
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Including harvested wheat of 819.2 thousand tons, barley – 406,8 thousand tons, oats – 65.4 thousand tons, millet – 32,9 thousand tons, legumes (Groh, chickpeas, lentils) – 72,4 thousand tons, buckwheat – 15.4 thousand tons, sorghum – 2.7 thousand tons.

Gross harvest of winter crops amounted to 588,3 thousand tons or 29.5% of the total threshing grain.

The highest yield obtained in Grachevsky district (15,7 t/ha), Buguruslan (15,6 kg/ha), Abdulinskiy (15.4 C/ha), Asekeevskogo (15 kg/ha),

For winter crops the highest yield was in Asekeevskogo area of 19.8 kg/ha.

Among agricultural leaders in yield were LLC "Druzhba" Buguruslan district – 27.4 C/ha, of KFKH Blinkov I. N. Grachevskogo RAJJONA - 21,4 C/ha, OOO "Avangard" Abdulinskiy city district – 21,8 C/hectares, KFH Stolyarov S. N. – 26,6 kg/ha.

The highest yield of guarantee in Adamovsky district – space of 158.7 thousand tons, Kvarkenskijj – 148,8 thousand tons, Asekeevskogo – 108 thousand tons.

This year, the cleaning area grain and leguminous crops in all categories of farms of the region is 2 million is 401.5 thousand hectares, including winter grain – 582,9 thousand hectares of spring grain and leguminous crops – 1 million 818,6 thousand hectares, Sunflower for grain to be removed from the area of 1 million 10.7 thousand hectares

In accordance with the prior khlebopriemnyi balance, the gross grain harvest in the region is expected to be 2.2 million tons. This is sufficient to ensure filling of the seed – 462,3 thousand tons of fodder – 442,9 thousand tons, to make in kind and leave it for internal consumption – 174,6 thousand tons, and also have a commercial grain for implementation - 1 of 113.2 million tons.





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