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Holding AGROSILA finished autumn sowing
Holding AGROSILA finished the sowing campaign of winter crops. The total area of winter crops for harvest in 2020 accounted for more than 50 thousand hectares. The holding has planted winter wheat – on site 50 095 hectares, winter rye – 200 hectares.
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In AGROSILA note that the plan of sowing is made, and the planned yield is expected to reach 45.9 centners per hectare. In the autumn soil preparation by farmers were processed 83 273 hectares or 57% of the total area. Holding specialists noted the advantages of the seasonal processing: moisture accumulation, improving the biology of the soil and an early sowing.

"All the work at the autumn sowing in the new agricultural season was completed as scheduled, and it is necessary to note one of its advantages this year - weather conditions. They were more than favorable for the development of winter crops. First of all, due to the moisture of the earth and the quality of preparation for sowing. Experts have performed safe treatment seeds sown with components against pests and to implement a range of technologies on which the best predecessors for winter crops are traditionally green manure, pure and busy pairs: mustard seeds and a pea", - said Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" on issues of crop Bulat Shakirov.

Last week, the holding of AGROSILA completely finished harvesting of grain crops. The campaign ended with a yield of 39.64 tons per hectare on the area of 107 hectares. 823 the Records of the new season recorded for winter wheat - 55,4 kg/ha, AF "Kama", spring wheat - 40,5 kg/ha, PC "Shoesi" and barley - 55,6 kg/ha, PC Unysh.

In the ongoing agribusiness sugar beet - cleaned by Holding more than 32% with a yield 449,7 kg/ha, and rapeseed harvested more than 5% yield 18,17 t/ha.

Farmers are preparing to harvest corn and sunflowers.

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