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North Kazakhstan growers harvested more than 3.1 million tons of grain
North Kazakhstan growers rush to take advantage of established weather to harvest. So, for last days in region threshed of 43.7 thousand hectares, and coffers filled of 67.9 thousand tons of grain.
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In total, according to the regional Department of agriculture, on October 2, in the region threshed 74.1% of the grain (2121,5 thousand hectares), which received 3184,6 thousand tons of grain.

"КазахЗерно.kz" notes that in the North-Kazakhstan region accounts for 18.6% of the national grain production.

This year sown area in the region was 4.3 million ha. Grains and legumes — 2.8 million hectares, oilseeds — 1 million hectares, fodder — 369,5 thousand hectares, potatoes — 37,4 thousand hectares, vegetables — 6,6 thousand ha.





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