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Italian and Caucasian cheese in the main square of the country
Manufacturer of fresh cheese "Umalat" will take part in the fair "Golden autumn" from 4 to 13 October. Festival of the best Russian producers will unfold in the heart of the capital — on red square. Thanks to it Muscovites and guests of the city acquainted with domestic products and goods, including well-known cheese company "Umalat". Among visitors to the fair will be a unique opportunity one of the first to purchase the new brand Unagrande — semi-hard cheese caciocavallo.
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From 4 to 13 October in the heart of Moscow — red Square — will be bright festival "Golden autumn". The symbol of Russia will become even more attractive for guests because there will gather the best producers of Russia, to the fair to present their products. Festival visitors can enjoy a true gastronomic journey across the country!

Bryansk oblast is a manufacturer of fresh cheeses "Umalat" in the market house No. 51. Here you can buy not only known for cheese, mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta, chicken, but also unique novelty — cheese caciocavallo. This traditional Italian cheese is very popular at home, but he only starts to win popularity in Russia. Caciocavallo on the main market of the capital will be a boon for foodies and lovers of cheese.

For guests of the fair "Umalat" carries out a tasting of their natural cheeses. They can try before buying it, to assess in advance the delicate taste and feel the Sunny mood of Italy and the South of Russia. Buyers will get pleasant surprises from "Umalat"! And purchase products "Umalat", Unagrande and Pretto at the fair "Golden autumn" will be more profitable than in conventional stores.

"Golden autumn" will keep the fair tradition allows guests to not only buy delicious cheeses, meats, fresh vegetables and fruit, but have fun! At the fair you can visit the culinary master classes under the guidance of famous chefs or unusual concert of folk groups. And for the kids will take a pottery master classes and creative workshops. Everyone will find entertainment to his liking!

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