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The expert explained how dangerous excessive consumption of eggs
The candidate of medical Sciences, Deputy of the Altai regional Legislative Assembly Pavel Shumikhin said the correspondent of IA REGNUM information about excessive consumption of eggs in Russia. According to him, it is fraught with metabolic disorders.
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"Here we can talk definitely about the food traditions of the population of our country. The fact that eggs have always been a popular food product in Russia, especially in comparison with other countries. However, as a result, we have a situation where the diet of the average Russian unbalanced the worst way.

After all, along with an increased consumption of eggs Russians absolutely consume enough dairy products, fish, vegetables and fruit. All of this means for the body and metabolic disorders and the development of diverse pathology. In this regard, a task of national importance is to develop the statistical data of the necessary measures for the normalization of the diet of the Russians, to achieve its balance," — said the expert.


Earlier, RBK, citing a report by Sberbank CIB analysts said that over the past ten years, the consumption of eggs in Russia increased by 1% annually, and that the norm in Russia (260 eggs) were higher than in the US (240 eggs) and the European Union (210 eggs).


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