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Russian design won a medal at the agricultural exhibition in Hanover
For the first time in the history of the international exhibition AGRITECHNICA, the Russian company was among the laureates of the contest AGRITECHNICA Innovation Award. Silver medal in the innovation competition marked the Rostselmash company for the night vision system for self-propelled agricultural machinery - RSM Night Vision.
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RSM Night Vision system aid the operator in night agricultural operations. Technology can detect obstacles at a record distance of up to 1500 meters. Installed on farm machinery today, similar systems provide a much smaller review in the range of 20-50 meters.

"The attention of the experts suggests that the Rostselmash company offers to the market demand and relevant solutions. Competition AGRITECHNICA Innovation Award is among the most authoritative in the field of agricultural engineering, the positive rating for us is not only recognition, but also confirmation of the correctness of the chosen development strategy," emphasizes marketing Director of Rostselmash Maxim Nahaba.

RSM Night Vision consists of a special camera, the controller processing the video monitor which displays a color contrast of the picture. As the illuminator are standard lights technical tools - sprayer, tractor or combine. The video is processed by a unique algorithm which removes the glowing effect. Unlike thermal imaging technology, using RSM Night Vision, the operator distinguishes all the objects in the field and on the road – irrespective of their temperature. This eliminates the risk of collision with trees and power lines.

The technology is particularly in demand in the processing field sprayers work with pesticides are often carried out at night. According to experts, using RSM the effectiveness of Night Vision night field work, may rise 20 percent.

The winners were selected by an independent panel - a group of scientists, researchers, advisors and experienced farmers. All were considered 291 application, the results of only 39 innovations received silver medals, one was awarded the gold.

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