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In Dagestan, gathered a record over the past 30 years, the grape harvest
Record for the last 30 years the harvest is gathered, the farmers of Dagestan in 2019.
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Gross "sun berries" in the region managed to bring to of 189.4 thousand tons, 11 thousand tons more than last year, reported IA REGNUM on November 19 in a press-service of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the region.

All the grapes in the Republic harvested from an area of 20.4 hectares and the Average yield was 92.7 per hundredweight per hectare, which is 0.3% more yield last year. Leaders in the production of traditionally steel Derbent, Kayakentsky and Magaramkentsky districts, the share of which accounted for more than 58% of gross production.

In addition, from the total gross harvest of grapes in Dagestan this year redesigned 130,4 thousand tons. According to this indicator the region has also set 30-year record in 1990 were recycled 129,5 thousand tons of grapes.

As reported IA REGNUM, in 2018, Dagestan managed to collect 178,3 thousand tons of grapes, and then this figure was a record for the Republic since 1991. For processing received over 120 thousand tons of berries.

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