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Acron's new information management system warehouse
The Acron group, one of the leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and the world, at its production site in Velikiy Novgorod introduces an information system that provides automation of work warehouse management – Warehouse Management System (WMS).
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This project was included in the programme of the global technical re-equipment of warehouses of OJSC "Akron" and currently is one of the TOP 4 it projects of the Group "Akron". The main purpose of the implementation of the WMS is optimizing warehouse processes with automation, control inventory job.

The project is implemented at the Central warehouse Department picking PJSC "Akron". For its implementation was developed by the topology of the warehouse and introduced a mobile terminal by which a storekeeper in fully implementing its functionality.

Team leader for the planning and organization of business processes of JSC "Akron" Alexander Matveev said: "we had two options: to choose a ready-made solution or to develop a WMS on the basis of our ERP system ISA. Initially considered the possibility of acquiring several variants ready it solutions, but later decided that the desired result can achieve by themselves without any outside help. In the end, developed by our group, in collaboration with the Department for it of OJSC "Akron", software product fully met all our needs and can be ready for market."

To debug the new way of working was selected as a separate area Central warehouse of PJSC "Akron" – the warehouse Equipment, full transition to the new principle of operation which is scheduled for completion in December.

On the Novgorod site of Acron Group, the WMS system will be implemented at all warehouses by the end of 2020.

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