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In Russia, expanding the production of modern equipment for cultivation of potatoes
Plant KOLNAG in 2019 significantly updated and expanded the range of manufactured equipment for potato cultivation.
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The company started serial production of new technology for cultivation of potatoes, releasing

Completed technical documentation and started the manufacture of the first production kartoffelsalat AVR CR450M. The latest four-row potato planter with mechanical drive supporting wheels AVR CR450M is characterized by high accuracy and high landing speed, and complex machines on the basis of this machine can perform multiple operations simultaneously.

The turn of the new reception bunkers AVR Falcon and belt conveyors.

Today, in an updated range of machinery for potato cultivation, manufacture and supply plant colneg, has all the basic machines: cultivators for continuous and inter-row tillage, planters, mottramite, potato harvesters, receiving hoppers, belt conveyors and balers.


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Plant KOLNAG – Russian manufacturer and supplier of modern agricultural machinery for intensive resource-saving technologies in the production of potatoes and vegetables and for the preparation and distribution of balanced feed mixtures for cattle.

The company has implemented a full cycle of production, from receipt of metals and components to finished equipment under strict quality control.

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