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New hybrid corn KSS 5290
Breaking records of productivity and is a line of best corn hybrids
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New hybrid corn KSS 5290 puts the record yield!

A few years ago on a maize hybrid KSS 5290. Developed by a group of Russian and French experts. The specialists were tasked to create a new high-yielding and at the same time cost-effective hybrid corn is able to compete with the best European hybrids. And with confidence we can say that it turned out!

5290 KSS was obtained by merging the best qualities of Krasnodar 291 AMV and Mixi (RAGT).

Krasnodar 291 AMV - Knish, Krasnodar, this is the top Russian corn hybrid (in its group of ripeness), well adapted to weather surprises, including prolonged drought.

Mixi (RAGT) - production of RAGT Semences, one of the best hybrids of French breeding, which very well show itself on Russian soil. RAGT Semences - is among the most respected manufacturers of seed, one of the oldest in France.

The advantages of KSS 5290

  • high yield
  • simplicity
  • rapid water-yielding capacity
  • disease resistance
  • sushestvuet

According to the results of the previous year corn seeds KSS 5290 rapidly gaining popularity and replacing domestic and imported hybrids and varieties. Farmers appreciate KSS 5290 for high productivity and fast volgegooid grain.

A small summary of the yield last year yield in 2019 in the Rostov region. (Kamenskii R-n): 70 dt / ha with an average yield of 40 - 50 t/ha, Stavropol Krai (Zol R-n) - 90 kg/ha with an average of 65 kg/ha.

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