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5 February (Wednesday) at 11: 00 in Moscow in the Executive Committee of the popular front popular front activists will present the onf project "Direct line. Continued," and mobile application "onf. Help."
Recall, December 5, the popular front for the International forum of volunteers presented in Sochi the President of Russia, the leader onf Vladimir Putin a new format of work with requests that people sent on a direct line to the President.
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One of the formats − launch of mobile application "onf. Help" where there's a special button "Help veterans". Click on can of concerned people – relatives, neighbors, veterans, social workers.

By the application of "onf. Help" will address issues related to the competence of regional authorities and competence of voluntary organizations and NGOs. The app is already running and is available for download in Google Play and App Store.

People who are not able to download the application, you can contact the volunteer office "onf. Help" in the IFC offices in the region.

To personally request the organization to help veterans will be in the IFC pilot regions (Saint Petersburg, Moscow oblast, Ulyanovsk oblast and Primorsky Krai), where the onf will open the volunteer offices. Nationwide mobile app starts from 21st Feb 2020


Mikhail Kuznetsov, head of the Executive Committee of the onf;

Dmitry Polikanov, Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the onf;

Irina Plesea, Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the popular front for the information policy;

Yulia zimova, the activist of the popular front, the Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Moscow region for the development of health, social policy, WITH NGOs, the support of family and childhood.


ADDRESS: Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya street 40


CONTACT PERSON: Victoria Shakirova, v.shakirova@onf.ru, 89057638866; Pulina Valeria v.pulina@onf.EN 8977-901-88-85

Please accredit to 17:00 4.02.2020

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