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"Akron" has submitted to the farmers of the Central Federal district of the new technology to increase yields
The Acron group, one of the leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and the world, held on February 12 in eagle seminar "New solutions for agriculture" for farmers Orel region and neighboring regions of Central Russia.
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Participants, representing more than 60 large and medium-sized farms, introduced new brands of mineral fertilizers of "Akron", suitable for soil and climatic conditions of the Central Chernozem zone of Russia. Among them is a new brand of complex fertilizers NPKS 22:15:0:7 and NPKS 19:16:8:3 with sulphur content water soluble sulfate form. They have the ability to improve plant uptake of nitrogen and to improve the quality and commercial characteristics of the products obtained. Great interest was aroused by complex fertilizer NPKS 18:6:18:2+Mg, which contains five important nutrients, which is especially important in the cultivation of rapeseed.

The experts of "Acron" noted that before the introduction of industrial production of new grades of fertilizers were tested in field conditions on the basis of leading Russian agricultural research Institute. In addition, Acron has prepared recommendations on the most cost-effective application rates for specific crops, which is one of the key factors in the choice of mineral fertilizers.

General Director of JSC "Agronova-Orel" (part of distribution network of Acron Group) Vladimir Deev said: "On a share "Akron" in our region, accounting for up to 40% of the supply of mineral fertilizers. We offer farmers a wide range of high performance grades that meet the conditions of the Russian black earth region. And warehouse complexes "Agronomy" in dmitriyevskiy and Livenskogo areas with the capacity to store 18 thousand tonnes of fertilizer to provide convenience for our customers."

The seminar was made by the representative of Kursk state agricultural Academy. I. I. Ivanov, who devoted his report to the peculiarities of application of liquid nitrogen fertilizer UAN-32, produced "Akron". The seminar participants were also presented new products and technological solutions of the leading Russian manufacturer of chemical plant protection products of the company "August".

Recall that the distribution network of the Acron Group in Russia - JSC "Agronova" - was created in 2005 and includes 10 specialized agrochemical enterprises, providing direct access to products in the major agricultural regions of the country. Units "Agronomy" provide services for the delivery, sale and storage of mineral fertilizers. The total storage capacity of the distribution network amount to 189 thousand tons. Most popular products of Russian farmers remain ammonium nitrate and complex fertilisers (azofoska).

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