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Party trailers Rostselmash will be sent to Tunisia
The holding representatives of agricultural companies from Tunisia visited the factory of trailed and mounted equipment Rostselmash (included in the Association "Rosspetsmash"). Guests get acquainted with capacities of the enterprise and is personally convinced of the quality of the production technologies. At the meeting with the management of the company were discussed the questions on further cooperation.
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In the process of the negotiations, agreement was reached on the delivery of trailers in North Africa. Agricultural units will be sent for the further implementation of the Tunisian farmers in the coming months.

The first batch of vehicles arrived in Tennisschool Republic in the late summer of 2019, within the framework of signed dealer contract. After demonstration of its capabilities in Tunisia, the African farmers and the authorities have appreciated the line-up consists of agricultural machines. In the result the decision was made to further the promotion of Rostselmash equipment in Tunisia.

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