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Humidity is one of the most important characteristics and indicators of grain quality. It is determined at the time of acceptance of grain for storage, because this indicator depends not only on the percentage of nutrients in the grain, but the allowable period of storage. Excess moisture can trigger excessive growth of microorganisms, mites, insects, to cause fermentation, swelling, and other physiological and physico-chemical processes. Wet grain can not be stored, so it is subjected to further drying. Processing of wet grain is also difficult.
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Because of the peculiarities of the chemical composition and anatomical structure of seeds of different crops have different normal humidity. For legumes, for example, an acceptable rate of humidity more for oil — less. But even within the same group of indicators may be different. So think peas, dry humidity up to 14% wet at 16-18%, crude — more than 18%. Dry beans with humidity up to 16%, medium dry — 16-18%, wet — 18-20%, crude — more than 20%. For most cereal crops is considered an acceptable moisture content to 14%.


To determine the moisture content of seeds of different crops use moisture meters. The company "analit Pribor" provides hygrometers to measure humidity, bean, cereal and legume crops immediately after harvesting, in terms of post-harvest handling, storage, processing. On Analit-pribor.com.ua presented portable and stationary moisture meters for grain.

Portable oil moisture meter MIV recommended for use in warehouses and barns. It comes with a rod length of two meters and allows you to monitor the status of products which is at depth. The result is possible to obtain instantly (with accuracy of 0.2-0.5%).

Stationary lab moisture meter GRANOMAT determines the moisture, temperature, bulk density. Suitable for use on food plants, seed plants, warehouses, at beer factories. The device can be connected to the computer and used for measuring the moisture content of 250 crops. GRANOMAT does not require grinding of the grain and gives an error of only 0.1%. The instrument is fully automated.

Only Analit-pribor.com.ua are 24 instrument for measuring humidity. Also, "Analyt Device" offers instruments for determining the quality of flour, quality of bread, pasta, laboratory mills, sieving machines, sieves, testomonial, thermal equipment, weighing machinery and other equipment for grain processing industry.

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