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Putin instructed to prepare solutions for effective logistics of agricultural products
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, may 20, instructed the government to develop solutions for the efficient transportation of agricultural products within the country.
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"I ask the government together with RZD, the Russian producers of meat, vegetables to prepare a solution for the effective transportation of these goods from the Central part of Russia and from Siberia to the far East of the country", — said the head of the head of state at a meeting on situation in agriculture and the food industry.

In addition, Putin has put before the Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of agriculture on the elaboration of additional measures on expansion of sales of products of farms.

He noted that it is important to support business initiative of enterprising people in the villages who are able to work in the field of agriculture and create jobs.

The obvious problem, according to the Russian leader, remains the difficulty of access by farmers to retailers. "We spent years talking about it. And the establishment of platforms for the sale of products do not have enough resources — they just do not have. And without what is called, every penny in their account," — said Putin.

Earlier in the meeting the President stressed that it is also necessary to study the question of preferential electricity tariffs for farmers.

In General, according to the President, Russia has no problems with food security, but to enhance the competitiveness of domestic agriculture in the global market is necessary.

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