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New supply lines in Uzbekistan
The company "ZHASKO" in may this year put in the Uzbekistan line extrusion for national agricultural cluster of the country. Equipment manufactured for the production of extruded feed from cereals and their mixtures.
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The customer is a modern integrated production of the full cycle. Therefore, the company is reviving the agro-industrial complex of his country. The total investment to date is € 130,000,000. Combining all the most advanced technology and modern scientific knowledge enterprise, among other areas, developing livestock.

For example, one of the objectives of cluster is to ensure the market of Uzbekistan marble meat. For its production were selected pedigree cattle Aberdeen-angusi. The animals are free to roam and drink artesian water and eat balanced food. To produce this food chose equipment "ZHASKO", which is just designed for the production of highly efficient extruded feed.

Use in feeding extruded feed allows you to:

- increase the digestibility of nutrients by 20-40% and energy value of feed;

- to reduce the consumption of forage by 8-12% by reducing the time of keeping animals for fattening;

to obtain higher productivity: increase milk yield by 18-40%;

- to improve the quality characteristics of milk and meat;

- to provide a balanced animal diet.

The extrusion line is manufactured under the production requirements of the customer. Because of the peculiarities of local climate, the grain has a low humidity. The developers ZHASKO found a solution to this problem: the extruder line is equipped with an automatic wetting system. Line is already mounted at the plant in Uzbekistan.

About the company "ZHASKO"

JSC "ZHASKO" is the leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of equipment for various industries. The company successfully works in the market since 1992. Partners and customers "ZHASKO" is the hundreds of enterprises located on the territory of Russia, EurAsEC countries and Europe.

Extruders "zhasko" is included in the top hundred products of Russia and this year our company is recognized as the best exporting region. After visiting the agricultural exhibition in Uzbekistan, exports have grown even more.