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BayArena will be held in digital format
10th June, the anniversary BayArena 2020. It will be held for the first time in digital format. 10:00 start live demo sites and virtual Studio Bayer CropScience.
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In the program:

Overview of weather and phytosanitary situation in the South of Russia.

  • Current agronomic challenges of the season 2020.
  • Winter crops. The vegetation characteristics of and compare the best approaches to protect against pests and diseases.
  • Forecast of development of the grain market of the Russian Federation in 2020.
  • Chances and risks. Will the export? An overview of prospects from company "Sovekon".
  • Corn. The problems and risks of the season, profitable solutions for the protection and mineral nutrition. Hybrids DECALB as the Foundation of the crop.
  • Sugar beet: a success story. The experience of the academicians the Field of the Academy.

Offers interaction with experts, lots of useful information and gifts for their interesting questions and active participation.To get to BayArena, register on the website https://полеваяакадемия.рф

BayArena is:

  • 200 ha of demonstration areas;
  • comparison of different systems of plant protection;
  • honest results, the use of drugs Bayer;
  • advanced culture of farming;
  • an open exchange of experience.


BayArena 2020 is waiting for You online! Participation is free of charge.

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