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Put the records with the company... ... and get a crossover
The machine would be superfluous. And the crossover, but still having the reputation of "fedepochting" is just what you need for traveling through the fields and villages.
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We are talking about the LADA 4x4 Urban 3D. The legend in a new guise: all the same short base and simple design but modern and stylish exterior and interior, and a decent level of comfort. It would be nice to have this in the economy, agree?

14 APR 2020. Rostselmash has announced the launch of the program "Put the records together!" with a stunning reward: 30 pieces of brand new LADA 4x4 Urban 3D 2020. release. And you too can get such a machine.

Who is involved

Can take part any industry, including farms and individual entrepreneurs operating the following machines Rostselmash:

· tractors series 2000 RSM — RSM modification 2375 | 2400,

· combine harvesters of the series ACROS — ACROS 550 | 585 | 595 Plus,

· combine harvester TORUM series — TORUM 750 | 785,

· combine harvester RSM 161,

· forage harvesters RSM series F.

What is compete

Rostselmash offers to compete for the title of leader in several categories. And submit readings at any or all from:

· combine harvesters

o yield;

· forage harvesters

o the amount of harvested forage;

· tractors — cultivating, seeding, disking, plowing, loosening of the

o performance

o fuel efficiency.

No, you're not late! To apply for participation until 30 November 2020. Processing of results and awarding of Champions will take place after December 15, 2020.

What you need to do

1. To register through a representative of the dealership of the company at any time before the end of the program and choose category.

2. To work and lock indicators in the form of data collection.

3. To endorse a form of data collection in a regional or USKH mskh.

4. Transmit the completed form data collection representative of the dealership of the company not later than 30.11.2020 G.

And... a pleasant surprise: all the participants will receive from the company Rostselmash guaranteed reward — "Set of mechanic".

Details can be obtained from your dealer. Good luck!

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