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John Deere introduced a new line of headers for combine harvesters
John Deere has expanded the range of cutter bars for combine harvesters: now it includes a new series of HD, the new models of harvesters and baler HydraFlex oil colors bp15. They are all compatible with the new models of harvesters John Deere X series, as well as most of the harvesters series S, T and W, and can achieve the maximum performance of the harvesting machines while reducing grain losses to a minimum when working with different cultures and in different conditions.
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Harvester John Deere HDX (Hinged Draper EXtended Table) is ideal for farms melkozerova culture and oilseed rape, especially on uneven or rough hilly terrain. "Reaper series HDX is equipped with a new frame c swivel side sections, which gives unprecedented possibilities of copying the topography of the area and increase the range of movement of the sections two times compared to the FD1 header MacDon FlexDraper. This gives a uniform cutting height during harvest on hilly or uneven terrain," says Jonathan Edwards (Jonathan Edwards), Manager, John Deere product marketing.

Harvester HDX have the course of the tip of the wing 300 cm and are characterized by deep planting of feed belt 1200 mm, which is 12% more than the nearest competitor. Reaper HDX will help to increase the productivity of the harvester and the harvested grain. These headers are perfect for the Russian fields, where there are a variety of types of terrain and climatic conditions. They effectively raised and served down crops using a cutting apparatus that minimizes the loss due to the unchanging distance between the reel and cutter bar, and increased range of motion of the reel and the torque of its drive. "Reaper HDX is the first header, we have tested in work with rape, which exceeded the performance of the auger of the header for the nominal performance and maximum throughput," says Jonathan Edwards.

Harvester is equipped with a patented HDX ribbons with serologically as standard. Along with the top screws finger these tapes can reduce the loss on shedding 25 percent compared to traditional harvesters. Working width НDX is from 10.7 to 13.7 meters.

John Deere has also introduced the HDR (Hinged Rigid Draper Knife) for farms that do not grow oilseed rape or grow it in small quantities. Available working width is from 10.7 to 15.2 meters.

New John Deere harvester RDF (Rigid Flex Draper Knife) HydraFlex is based on cutting technology, already used in the model 700FD, and have new features to reduce grain losses. Harvester RDF HydraFlex compatible with the new processors of series X, series S, T and W, as well as with all models of harvesters, manufactured not earlier than 2012.

All the RDF HydraFlex reapers have a new two-speed Central feed section that allows the operator to reduce the speed of the feed drum, and center feed belt by 20 percent. This increases the volume of harvested grain by reducing losses – the operator of the combine can easily switch from high speed to low to keep easily crumbling culture. As standard available in two versions of the Central feed belt, which makes the Reaper RDF HydraFlex optimal for different crops and conditions.

The reapers used the time-tested four-inch HydraFlex cutting machine with double drive and double cut. The knife system provides industry-leading performance, making 1980 slicers per minute with a range of 190 mm, which speeds up harvest.

John Deere also provided a baler for oil colors bp15 farms melkozerova and oilseeds, which have to pick up the swath with the combine harvesters of the series X, S or T. "These new balers provide a tape feed rate is 20% higher than model Deere 615P that allows you to easily cope with high-yielding crops in difficult conditions, adds Edwards. – The new pick-up has a large orifice in comparison with the model 615P custom spiral blades of the screw, which allows you to treat more area per unit time. For example, when the oil colors bp15 pickup installed on the harvester X9, speed cleaning is nine hectares of oilseed rape per hour."

Oil colors bp15 pickup by standard two-speed gear drum auger allows for even more precise to set the feed rate for cultures with a large number of crops, primarily oilseed rape. Lower the feed rate can be used for harvesting crops with less plant mass, such as cereals and grass. Protective grille minimizes loss of grain, not allowing the plant mass to accumulate in the receiving chamber.

"The operators of the harvester will be able to spend less time configuring and more time to harvest, says Edwards. For example, there is no need for tools to adjust the height of the large 510 mm gauge wheels taking into account the different rolls and other agricultural crops".

All these models are equipped with a specialized control unit (HCU), which freely communicates with the processor. Control module stored the factory settings the specific header, it collects and sends to the control system combine information about the width of the header so that the correct yield maps. The control module also detects and sends diagnostic codes to a specific header and keeps track of the number of operating hours and maintenance intervals.

Dealers of John Deere in Europe will begin to take orders for the harvester and pickers at the end of this summer. In Russia these models will be available in 2021. More detailed information can be obtained from your local dealer or on the website JohnDeere.com.


Information about the John Deere company:

Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is one of the world leaders in the field of engineering, which produces agricultural, forestry and construction equipment, and provides a wide range of services. From 1837 to the present day, the John Deere company produces innovative products of the highest quality, maintaining the tradition of honest business.

John Deere contributes to success for all, whose activity is connected with the earth, that is, someone who works the soil cultivates and harvests and transforms, improves and equips the land, meeting the ever-increasing world demand for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure.

John Deere in Russia

The first deliveries of agricultural equipment John Deere in Russia began more than 100 years ago, and since 2003 there is a Russian division of the company. Currently in Russia there are two of John Deere plant – the plant in Orenburg opened in 2005, and production in Domodedovo launched in 2010. In addition, the company has a wide dealer network in Russia.

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