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Friday, 03 July 2020
AGROSILA insured poultry stock in the amount of more than 685 million rubles. This capacity of the enterprises of LLC "Chelny-broiler" and JSC "municipal Farm" included in the JSC "agrosila". Insurance protection of JSC IC "Rosselkhozbank-Insurance with state support provided more than 5.5 million birds. The list of risks covered include: fire, communicable diseases, the impact of natural hazards and disasters, violation of electricity, heat and water supply in result of natural hazards and disasters, and other risks.

Thursday, 02 July 2020
GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya" invested more than 350 million rubles in strengthening the biosecurity of livestock facilities in the Kursk region. The investment is aimed at strengthening measures to ensure the biosecurity of its own pig-breeding complexes (ICS).

In the agricultural sector has started the new season. Market participants said the "Agroinvestor" like them formed the previous agricultural year and any hopes and fears they associate with 2020/21-m

In the spring of agriculture in many regions faced a shortage of soil moisture that will affect the yield of winter crops. Sometime in the spring producers could not go into the field for processing. As the summer of 2020, according to Rosgidromettsentra will almost certainly be in the top five record-breaking hot lately.

To support Russian agricultural enterprises that produce organic for export, the decision to subsidise the completion of a foreign certification. Order of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, claiming this measure of state support, began to act in June 2020.

New items are compact and additional premium features

For 20 years, agro-industrial complex of Russia has turned from a laggard industry in highly profitable and investment-attractive business, whose products are now not only provides the country, but also brings the country a revenue of more than the military-industrial complex, in the export direction. During this time support for agriculture has provided specialized financial institution, the agricultural Bank, which celebrated its anniversary in June.