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Russian honey get rid of antibiotics
The presence of antibiotics reduces the competitiveness of Russian honey on the world market
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The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation approved a proposal to ban antibiotics in honey. At the moment, half Russian honey contains nitromidazole and metabolites of nitrofurans, which reduces its competitiveness. Such measures, the Government has pushed the fact that the content of these substances in honey is already banned in the European Union.

The main problem is that over 90% of the Russian market of honey is small farms uncontrollably fed bees with antibiotics, according to the article "Izvestia". This can be done only in nematology period, explain the experts.

By estimations of experts, the Russian market of honey is about 50 thousand tons, of which more than 90% of domestic production. A large part of the honey produced by private beekeepers.

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