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Udmurtiya will allocate milk producers 200 million rubles for price reduction.
Also, the authorities of the Republic plan to work on expanding the markets.
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Udmurtiya will allocate funds to support milk producers at the expense of redistribution of budgetary funds. According to preliminary calculations, the additional financing will amount to about 200 million rubles, said REGNUM in a press-service of head and government of the Republic.

Currently, noted the press service, the Russian dairy industry, including dairy farms Udmurt Republic, is experiencing difficult times — a decrease in purchasing prices for raw milk. Experts attribute this to the increase in the import of milk powder and dairy products to Russia from Belarus. In this situation, the leaders of dairy farms in the Udmurt Republic appealed for support to the regional authorities.

"We have conducted a deep analysis of the situation on the dairy market and spread out all the processes of production and sale of milk: from the farm to the appearance of the finished product on the shelves in the store. The reasons for the volatility of the dairy market of Russia several. Including and especially foreign trade relations. In these circumstances, we all ‑ both the authorities and our producers should focus on a common goal: the preservation and further development of the dairy industry in the region", — said the head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov.

According to him, dairy farming is one of the most promising growth points in Udmurtia. Brechalov appealed to the heads of processing companies to jointly with the government of the Republic of exploring the question of stabilization of procurement prices for raw milk.

"I am confident that each of you has the maximum interest in preserving the volume of milk as raw material in the Republic and each of you will make every effort to maintain the level of purchasing prices is not below the 21 to 22 cents per liter of milk," — said the head of the region.

He also recommended that molokoobrazovania again to perform the entire production process and find opportunities to reduce costs, improve production efficiency.

The economic block of the government of Udmurt Republic is mandated to study the issue of expanding markets. Deputies of the state Council to analyze Federal and state legislation affecting the development of the dairy industry, and to prepare proposals for its improvement.

In addition, Brechalov proposed to hold in spring in Izhevsk Festival of milk.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, at the end of 2017 milk production in the Udmurt Republic grew by 4.7%. During the year the farms of the Republic produced 680,4 thousand tons of milk. The annual productivity of cows has increased in the agricultural and 156 kg in the farms to 256 kg.

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