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Gordeyev will instruct the departments to understand the situation with the prices for the products of meat processing.
Earlier it was reported that meat processors appealed to the Vice-Prime Minister with a request to influence the trade network in terms of pricing for sausages and semi-finished products.
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The national Union of meat processors (NCM) asked the Vice-Prime Minister of Russia Alexey Gordeev to recommend retailers to pass on higher prices for the products of processed meat, including sausages and semi-finished products, and with the request to adjust the pricing of raw meat. About TASS reported in the Secretariat of Deputy Prime Minister.

"Preparing instructions to the relevant departments to understand the situation," - said the representative of the Gordeeva.



The representative of the Ministry of agriculture said that the Ministry will prepare a comment later. That meat processors appealed to Gordeeva with the request to affect the trading network and also to regulate the pricing of raw meat, by restoring a competitive environment, August 17, wrote the newspaper "Vedomosti" with reference to the corresponding letter. Such treatment is associated with a significant increase in prices for products in connection with the restriction of imports. According to the Union, pork prices have risen by 30% since the beginning of the year, poultry - 35%, domestic - 10%, import - by 25%, according to NSM.

Currently, the state does not regulate the prices of goods. His intervention can only occur in case of significant fluctuations of prices for socially important goods. Thus, the Federal law "On trade" gives the right to state regulation of prices for some socially important goods, if the price will increase by 30% during the month. This provision was introduced into law in 2010 after an abnormal drought, and a sharp growth of prices for buckwheat, but have never been applied in practice.

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