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"AGROSILA" launches the largest in the Volga silo for grain storage
The holding company "AGROSILA" opens "Zainsk Elevator", the construction of which was invested 1.5 billion rubles. About 0.9 billion were granted in the framework of preferential crediting, financed by the Tatarstan regional branch of JSC "Rosselkhozbank", the rest of the volume of own funds of the Holding. The new complex for reception, storage, cleaning and drying of various agricultural crops designed for production capacity of 150 thousand tons of simultaneous storage. The total area of industrial locations is 5.7 ha. the Elevator was built to meet modern trends and innovative solutions in the field. Thus, the design of Foundation piles is located above ground level by 2.2 m without underground galleries. This technology completely eliminates the ingress of rodents and various insects living in the soil, which ensures a high level of conservation quality.
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The structure of the Elevator includes a laboratory in which you are sampling on grain quality indicators, truck weighing, item receiving and cleaning grain, its drying and study, and storage area and repair workshops. At the Elevator there are 2 grain dryers with combustion units that heat the air without direct contact with the hearth fire in the drying chamber, which eliminates the possibility of ignition of the product. These dryers are more designed for drying oilseeds. The main peculiarity of "Zainsk Elevator" is a high level of automation, manual labor is minimal. Including the mode of drying is determined by automation, taking into account the moisture of the incoming product. In addition, the control system of the Elevator allows real-time monitoring of all manufacturing processes – from receipt and analysis of incoming product prior to release to the consumer, and also provide, if necessary, corrective action. All data are displayed in the paragraph of operational control of the Elevator.

Chief technologist at elevating agriculture "JSC agrosila" Gazinur Amirov: ""Zainsk Elevator" is not only the largest in the Volga region, but also the most innovative. The complex is equipped with highly mechanized transport and drying equipment, which allows you to work offline. The facility is fully automated, controlled with a single control panel that coordinates all the processes and to control the operation of the site. The computer itself, depending on the quality indicators of raw materials, selects the program, for example, grain drying, calculate a certain algorithm and all further routes. A full range of equipment, which is equipped with Elevator - domestic production".

The Elevator will accept the grain coming from the agricultural Holding, which will ensure the closed cycle of production of quality products.

Harvesting campaign of the 2018 season comes to an end, in particular, industrial crops today harvested 1.13 million tons from 37 thousand hectares of grain and 360 thousand tons from 115 thousand hectares the Average yield of grain amounted to 34 kg/ha. currently harvesting corn for grain and sunflower.


"AGROSILA" - a leading agricultural producer in the Volga region. Vertically-integrated holding, including enterprises for production of grain, production of poultry meat, sugar and dairy products. The companies included in the "AGROSILA" are important elements in the development of the industry. "Chelny-Broyler" with a 65% market share of poultry meat in the Republic of Tatarstan, "Zainsk sugar" - 51% of the sugar market. Seed plant producing seeds for the agricultural companies of the Republic, a feed mill supplies feed meat and dairy production.

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