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In the Pskov region, 21 thousand ha under winter grain crops
Agricultural enterprises and peasant farms of the Pskov region has sown winter crops on an area of 21 thousand hectares.
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This figure is nearly 9 thousand hectares more than last year, according to the Committee on agriculture and state technical supervision of the Pskov region.

In particular, winter rape was sown on an area of almost 5 thousand ha or 2.8 thousand hectares more than last year. Thus, according to experts of the state Committee, made a good start for the harvest of 2019.

Recall that last year, gross grain production in the region amounted to 47 thousand tons. In addition, farmers of the Pskov region brought together about 40 thousand tons of potatoes, 6.5 thousand tons of vegetables and 3.4 thousand tons of greenhouse vegetables. Last year also collected about 16 thousand tonnes of rapeseed, more than 5 thousand tons more than last year.




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