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Belarus takes measures to remove barriers in the grain market
The Republic of Belarus informed the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) that the Ministry of agriculture and food of Belarus instructed in the prescribed manner to ensure payment to the Council of Ministers of a draft decision on the cancellation of the corresponding resolution of the Government of Belarus of August 16, 2010 No. 1205 "On some measures on regulation of separate types of agricultural products and products of its processing"
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In accordance with this decree, the Republic established the Commission for regulation of separate types of agricultural products and processed products. Her areas of expertise include the issuance of permits for export, including to countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), grain products, animal feed, flax, rape seed, rapeseed oil and beet molasses.

On this issue, the EEC Board 29 January 2019 adopted decision No. 18, in accordance with which the Republic of Belarus notified of the need to implement paragraph 3 of article 28 of the Treaty of Alliance.

"The adoption by Belarus of the decision on the need to remove the barrier in the domestic market of the EEU demonstrates real action to ensure the freedom of movement of goods in the Union", – said the member of the Board (Minister) for internal market and services, Informatization, information and communication technologies ECE Karine Minasyan.




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