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"Miratorg Zapad" will take on a summer internship 15 Kaliningrad students in 2019
"Miratorg Zapad", the leading Russian manufacturer of frozen meat products and ready meals, reports that in the framework of the strategy for working with youth organizes internship for 15 students of higher educational institutions of Kaliningrad in the summer of 2019.
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"Miratorg Zapad" is one of the largest employers in the Kaliningrad region – has employed more than 950 people and continues to create new jobs in connection with the expansion of production, providing employees with all social guarantees and decent wages that exceed average earnings by industry. Employment program is designed both for experienced professionals and beginners. The company creates conditions for learning and adaptation of new employees, as well as creates a personnel reserve from the number of promising students and graduates of universities and colleges of the region.

In the framework of the youth program "Generation Miratorg" company organizes summer practical training for senior students – future specialists in the sphere of food production. Students in the course of a month receive practical training on individual programs under the guidance of experienced mentors from among the best specialists of the company.

"The program practice and training allows us to train specialists who understand the specifics of modern food production. Professional skills acquired on the high – tech enterprise leader in the industry, effectively Supplement the curriculum of the University and is necessary for further successful work in the specialty. The internship also gives the benefit of employment in the company, with the possibility of further professional and career growth", - said the press service of the APH "Miratorg".

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