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To increase yields of soybeans in the Amur region will be using the new machinery, fertilizers and good seeds
In the area will send a group of specialists from the Federal Ministry of agriculture To increase the production volumes of soybeans in the Amur region, local farmers need support from the Federal budget. This was during a meeting, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev, who oversees agriculture, said the Governor of the region Vasily Orlov.

Plans serious and responsible — to increase soybean production to two million. In principle, this can be done if you apply new approaches to the cultivation of land, using high-quality herbicides, high-performance equipment. To double the production volumes of soybeans are really only subject to the provision of support measures to farmers. Need preferences in terms of reduction in price of machinery and chemicals for agricultural enterprises. Effective measures of state support should be the construction and reconstruction of reclamation systems, liming. This is a long term and costly events that small companies today are unable to take on without proper support measures. Need support from the Federal budget, — said the head of the Amur region.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev, in order that the area could grow larger amounts of the legumes, it is necessary, first, to start using good seeds and to use modern scientifically based technology. In particular, we are talking about the observance of the norms of application of mineral fertilizers, conservation and improvement of soil fertility.

Another topic of the meeting was the issue of increasing exports of soybean products on the markets of Southeast Asia. Because soy, according to experts, this is one of the most promising in this respect legumes.

In this regard, on behalf of Alexey Gordeev, in the Amur region will be allocated a group of specialists from the Federal Ministry of agriculture. They will examine the issue of support for farmers in place.

The experts will prepare a set of measures for economic, scientific, logistical and administrative support for the production and export of soybean and bean crops and products of their processing, have informed in the regional government.




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