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Chinese scientists came to Space for the exchange of experience in breeding of grain
New varieties of wheat, barley, rye, oats and triticale will be created in the framework of Russian-Chinese cooperation
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A leading breeding center – FSBI "Moscow scientific research Institute of agriculture "Nemchinovka", located in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, visited the northwestern biological Institute, Academy of Sciences of China, the official portal of the Ministry of agriculture of the Moscow region.

"At the meeting with their Chinese colleagues discussed issues of exchange of scientific experience in the field of breeding winter and spring wheat, winter rye, winter triticale, spring barley and oats, as well as the development of technologies of their cultivation," said Andrei Razin.

The Chinese delegation was represented by the Director of the Institute Zhang Huihan, Professor Liu Balun, a researcher Shen Yihu and assistant Chao Tung.

"Our top scientists and plant breeders had demonstrated at the suburban experimental field of the best achievements in the field of selection of grain crops, promising varieties and lines of winter soft wheat with high baking qualities of grain," - said Andrey Razin.

Following the talks was signed Russian-Chinese agreement on cooperation in the field of agricultural science and technology.

"The agreement is aimed at creating new varieties of wheat, rye, triticale, barley and oats, characterized by precocity, disease resistance, drought resistance, high yields and high quality grain", - said Andrey Razin.

According to the Minister, the agreement also provides for the transfer of each other to use for breeding purposes is not less than 200 varieties of grain, conducting environmental tests of introduced varieties of crops in Qinghai province and in the Central region of Russia.

"Also, following the meeting, it is planned exchange of experience in the cultivation of crops, exchange of experts, scientists and trainees in research, lectures and seminars on topics of mutual interest, exchange of scientific literature and information," - said Andrey Razin.

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