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The state of the crops on the fields Tambov good
According to operational information of the Department of agriculture of the Tambov region, plantings of industrial crops are in good condition.
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On plantations of sugar beet continues root growth. The sunflower is the formation and growth of the basket. On potato and soybean fields marks the end of flowering. Tambov farmers are ready to harvest crops.

Meanwhile, the region continues to harvest crops. Beveled 438 hectares of grain fields (41% of the total area). The gross yield is 1 million 280 thousand tons of grain at an average yield of 29.2 quintals per hectare.

Tambov farmers harvested winter and spring wheat, rye, peas, barley, oats. The leaders in gross yield of grain are farmers Petrovsky (96 thousand tonnes) and Zherdevsky (93 thousand tons) areas. The highest yield of 39.3 ton per hectare observed in the Petrovsky district. Also high results yield over 34 quintals per hectare made farmers Michurinsky and Nikiforovsky district.




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