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Foods with fat substitutes proposed to exclude from the number of dairy
The national Union of milk producers (Soyuzmoloko) has proposed to exclude from the number of dairy products with milk fat substitute. Letter from this initiative was sent to the Ministry of agriculture (with the document read "RG")
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In Soyuzmoloko explain that the production technology of products with substitutes of milk fat less than 50 percent and more than 50 percent the same, so these products can be combined into one group. And dairy products substitutes are entirely separate. "The members of the Soyuzmoloko take the position that the lack of the feasibility of developing a separate regulation for groups of products replacement of milk fat depending on the percentage replacement," the letter reads.

As explained "RG" in the Union, such an approach will contribute to the growth of consumption of organic dairy products. "Changes in the labeling of products and the growing trend for healthy eating, consumption of dairy products without the dairy fat substitute has already contributed to a shift in demand from traditional cheese products for cheese in 2018. As a result, the demand for cheese products fell by 10.3 percent for cheese grew by 10.1 percent," - said the press service of Soyuzmoloko.

A similar trend is observed in respect of milk fat. Despite the overall reduction of consumption, the demand for Margarines and spreads have dropped more than butter.


Soyuzmoloko expects that the demand for dairy products without dyes will continue to grow.

Previously, the newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to the letter Soyuzmoloko reported, on the initiative of industrial organisations will be excluded from the technical regulation "On safety of milk and dairy products" cheese products and margarine. In addition, such products will lose the right to preferential VAT rate of 10 percent.




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