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Organic products of the group "the photo shooting took place" in new packaging with a QR code will appear next month
In the near future on the production of "Argybargy" in the old package will appear stickers with a picture of a QR code. The new packaging with the already printed QR code ordered in organic products appear on store shelves since the end of April.
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"The register of producers of organic products of Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation started to operate in early March. Therefore, only from this moment the organics producers got the opportunity to label their products including QR code, and before that continued to produce the goods in the same package. We now have in stock still have the packaging previously ordered without a QR code, - said Sergey Klyuchnikov, commercial Director of holding "the photo shooting took place". - Our company made this decision: to comply with a legal requirement, we will order stickers with the QR-code, which will be glued on the packaging, and at the same time we proceed to order a new package. Gradually the new packaging will replace the old".

As noted by Sergey Klyuchnikov, the production time of the packaging varies and ranges from several weeks to several months, and therefore organic "Ugleche Pole" in a new package will appear not at once and not simultaneously: "for Example, when starting a new layout and packaging of milk or yogurt, cups made of sour cream about 2 months. Therefore, the new packaging of this product we wait around may. Some packaging is made 2-3 weeks in this package the product will appear on store shelves in a month. Packaging of meat products is done in the print shop, there is shorter production time".

"First, the packaging of our products was a sign of "Organic" in the framework of voluntary certification, then, after the adoption of the law on organic production our agricultural holding one of the first official Russian certificate, passing the certification from the company "Organic expert", - said Elena Aseeva, General Director of Agroholding "the photo shooting took place". – On the package of our organic goods placed icon is green, it says the word "organic" in Russian and English and shows a white piece of paper. And now will suffer and QR code. We believe that it is good to protect the market from counterfeit, and the consumer using the QR–code will get all the information about the product".

Recall that from 1 January 2020 in Russia came into force a law on organic products. Register of producers of organic products appeared on the website of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation from February 1, 2020, and since March, has earned in full force. In the register are those producers of organic matter, which received official Russian certificate. Now the producers have all opportunities of informing the consumer. QR code - a convenient way to quickly get all the information about the product. He at once leads to the website of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation in the register of producers of organic products. Pointing the phone at a QR code, the buyer can be sure that the manufacturer is registered in the registry, to study all the information about the product.

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Thursday, 26 November 2020
Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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