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TECHNONICOL will begin production of substrates in Tatarstan
Company TECHNONICOL to launch a line for the production of substrates for hydroponic cultivation of plants, the plant Rockwool in Tatarstan (Zainsk). The products will be delivered to the Urals, the Volga region and Siberia, and also exported to Kazakhstan. To start the production is scheduled for September 2020. Investment in the project will amount to 79 million.
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The "Factory TECH" in Tatarstan works on organization of production of substrates and stone wool for the professional cultivation of vegetables and flowers in greenhouses. In September 2020 it will start production of cubes for seedlings and vegetative mats under the brand name SPELAND. The capacity of the line can reach 40 thousand cubic meters of finished products per year, it will be downloaded will vary depending on the needs of the market.

According to analysts, TECHNONIKOL, the Volga, Ural and Siberian Federal district accounts for almost 27% of the total Russian consumption of substrates and mineral wool. The demand for these products create the newly opened agro-companies, and existing.

"In order to provide regions, where more than a quarter of total consumption, quality, modern and available substrates for the cultivation of plants, we decided to start production at the Rockwool plant in Zainsk. The location of the enterprise, we will be able to reduce logistics costs and enhance the competitiveness of our products. And the planned expansion of warehouse space will increase the volume of shipments during periods of seasonal activity," – says Vasily Tkachev, head of Department "Mineral insulation" TEKHNONIKOL.

"Zavod TECHNO" in Tatarstan will become the second company TEKHNONIKOL-producing substrates based on stone wool. Today the products released included in the structure of the Corporation "Zavod TECHNO" in Ryazan.

Line for production of substrates in the factory Rockwool in Tatarstan will be fully automated, there will install a modern high-tech equipment. It will provide high quality and improved characteristics of products.


On the TechnoNIKOL Corporation

TECHNONICOL Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of reliable and efficient building materials and systems. The company offers to the market the latest technology, combining the development of private Research centers and international best practices.

Production company TECHNONIKOL, headed by Sergei Kolesnikov, is 53 production sites in 6 countries (Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Italy, UK, Germany), 22 offices in 18 countries, 19 Educational centers, 6 Research centers, equipped with high-tech equipment and qualified personnel. In the centres there is a regular development and introduction of new products and solutions for the construction industry. The company's products are marketed in 116 countries. Headquarters TECHNONICOL are located in Russia, Poland, Italy, China and India. Revenue of the Industrial complex TEKHNONIKOL in 2019 totaled 103.7 billion.

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