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"My Summer" opens up 350 vacancies in the Kaluga region
The largest company engaged in the production of vegetables "agro-invest" (enters in GK "My Summer") with an area of 105 Ha opens up 350 vacancies in the special economic zone Kaluga Lyudinovo.
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"Today our team has more than 1200 employees and we plan to increase our numbers of additional qualified personnel. Currently, there are about 350 vacancies in the production Department. We actively conduct recruitment for the position of growers, production specialists and technicians. Now in connection with the dynamic growth of agro we regularly seek and retraining employees on a regular basis and training and training. We need to provide the company with people who will properly cultivate and harvest. We work hard to educate and cultivate highly skilled professionals, so we try to work as efficiently as possible at all stages of the relationship with the staff, people understand it and appreciate it. In addition, the Department of the staff of the Agrokombinat has developed a social program for employees, corporate transportation to place of work and back, paid sick leave, the costs of vocational training and regular professional training, the monthly charge for the experience in the company sports clubs and educational classes for employees ' children, vouchers to health resorts," commented Alexey Kurbanov, General Director of "agro-invest" (enters in GK "My Summer")

The company is implementing all the most modern technical and technological development at the production sites. In greenhouses equipped with a special led light system which have a positive effect on the sugar content, maturation rate and palatability of our products. Area equipped with LED greenhouses GK "My summer" takes the first place in the world. The company uses modern technology in the world, including biological methods of plant protection, watering with rain water, reverse drain, led lighting and pollination by bumblebees. Such technologies require not only careful care of plants, maintaining the technology, but also significantly improve productivity and product quality.

About the company TD "My Summer"

"My Summer" is one of the largest and technologically advanced producers of fresh vegetables and mushrooms in Russia. Own a greenhouse, a farm is grown annually more than 40 thousand tons of premium eco-friendly vegetables - tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, greens and mushrooms with maximum production capacity of 10,000 tons.

Vegetables are grown on one of Russia's largest greenhouses with an area of 105 ha. Production is located in the special economic zone Kaluga Lyudinovo. Grown over 50 different varieties of fresh vegetables. A division of TD "My Summer", dedicated to the production of vegetables, - LLC "agro-invest".

Mushrooms are produced at the facilities of OOO "Agrogreen" in the special economic zone of Tula region "Hub". The complex area of 3.9 hectares is among the three largest companies in the industry.

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