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Russian organic producers, working for export, will receive state support
To support Russian agricultural enterprises that produce organic for export, the decision to subsidise the completion of a foreign certification. Order of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, claiming this measure of state support, began to act in June 2020.
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In June 2020 in the Ministry of justice registered the Order of Ministry of agriculture of Russia from 24.04.2020 N 232 "On approval of the list of agricultural products in respect of which a compensation of the organizations part of the costs related to the certification of agricultural products on foreign markets, within the framework of the subprogram "Development of agroindustrial complex branches of the" State program of development of agriculture and regulation of markets of agricultural products, raw materials and food". (http://rosorganic.ru/files/prikaz%20o%20subsidiax%20na%20sertifikaciu.pdf). The order approved the rules of granting state support to exporters of organic matter.

That it is important to encourage Russian producers of organic matter that come with their products to foreign markets, representatives of the organic sector spoke before the entry into force of the Russian law on organics. National organic Union conducted a discussion of the necessity of this measure with the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Federal center of development of export of agricultural products of Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation in 2019. In December 2019, was approved the procedure for provision of such government subsidies.

For the first time in Russia, state subsidies are granted to exporters, who supply the Russian organics for export. The value of subsidies will amount to more than 50 percent. This document is the first step in government support for organic producers at the Federal level, say market experts.

"We have been working with the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation on issues of subsidization of various activities of organic farming - says Oleg Mironenko, Executive Director of the National organic Union. - In the fall of 2019, we talked about the usefulness of subsidies to exporters because they did not fall under the organic subsidizing those industries that operate on the domestic market in the framework of the Law on organic products. Now we first receive state aid for those producers that are certified under foreign supplies to the external market."

As emphasized by Oleg Mironenko, Russian exporters of organic matter fell outside the capacity of state support. But given the fact that Russia sets the task of increasing exports of organic products, such support is very important. "This is a breakthrough in the development of the sector of organic production in Russia, - says the Executive Director of the NOSE. - Now many organic producers who would like to work for export will finally take such a decision and will be very interested to produce organic products for export markets".

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