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Тракторы сельскохозяйственные
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The company Talakaveri supplies tractors HTZ T-150 after qualitative repair. Agricultural crawler tractor T-150, traction class 3, designed to perform a wide range of agricultural and transport works (pre-sowing soil treatment, sowing, continuous cultivation, planting crops, plowing, grain harvesting, etc.) at speeds from 7 to 20 km/h. The main feature of the tractor is its versatility and power. These qualities allow to use the tractor to various industries all year round in almost all regions of Russia. To perform the work the tractor can use a variety of trailer, hinged or Polonaise agricultural equipment, and be operated as a road-building machine. High-quality restoration of tractors is carried out in specialized workshops. Engineers carefully control all the processes of Assembly.The tractor is fully assembled and disassembled under the guidance. Refurbished or new engine and transmission run-in stands, and then tested on the tractor. Cabin renovated, soundproof and insulated,new electrical,new tracks,new high pressure hoses and hydraulic cylinders,repaired bridges. Upon completion of repairs, the tractor is driven around checks and quality assurance engineer. On a tractor at the customer installs any equipment (air conditioning, additional heater, pre-heater, arcs of safety; front and rear dumps, etc.). Delivery to any region of Russia and the CIS. 1 year warranty without limitation operating time in hours.