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Britain demands the right to raise their GMO
Legislators said that EU rules on the regulation of GMOs is based more on politics than on science.
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British lawmakers said that EU rules, which prevent the production of GM crops in the UK even after passing through strict security checks do not meet the country's goals and should be completely revised.

Representatives Committee on science and technology in the Parliament said that the EU rules are based more on politics than on science.

Scientific evidence clearly, in their opinion, show that GM crops pose no greater threat to humans, animals or the environment than grain crops, bred more standard methods.

The Committee criticized the huge delay in making decisions and stated that the European regulatory system allows members configured against GM crops, to prevent their production in other EU countries.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, a regulatory system that requires a decade to reach a solution, cannot be considered fit for purpose.

Strict rules stopped in EU research activities and compromising the chance for Britain to become a player on the world stage new agricultural technologies.

In order to solve a huge problem of supply food to a growing world population, using fewer resources, because the climate is becoming more and more unstable, have to use all possible tools - social, political, economic, and technological. Reform of the regulatory system is no longer an alternative, it is a necessity.

Widespread in the Americas and Asia, GM crops are rare in Europe. In some countries, such as France and Germany, strong opposition, while the UK broadly supports the production of GMOs.

The British Committee has highlighted three main disadvantage" of the regulatory system of the EU: it is based on the assumption that GM crops pose a greater threat than traditional crops; it assesses the threats posed by GM crops, but not correlated with the potential benefits to producers, consumers and the environment; it does not allow the member States to decide on the disposition of GM products.


The purpose of General regulation should be to provide mutual protection against unsafe products, and not to illegally restrict the choice available to other elected governments and the citizens they represent, assured the representatives of the Committee.

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