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"Miratorg Zapad" has expanded the range of ready-made burgers
"Miratorg Zapad", the leading Russian enterprise for the production of frozen products and ready meals, announces the start of production of two new titles ready Burger: Grilled Burger with BBQ sauce and Royal Burger with chicken and cheese.
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"Miratorg Zapad" implementing a long-term strategy to increase production and expand the range of available high-quality meat products. The enterprise with capacity of 80 thousand tons per year at 5 production lines produces over 200 kinds of semi-finished and ready meals. Production complex is equipped with modern equipment, which allows in short terms to expand the product portfolio, responding flexibly to changing demand and needs of buyers. Under vertical integration the company is increasing the supply of beef, pork and chicken meat, with production sites "Miratorg" in Bryansk and Belgorod to ensure optimum cost and consistent high quality finished products.

The finished burgers are made from original recipes using raw meat of own production, signature sauces and fresh vegetables in line with international quality standards. In the line of 5 items are the most popular types of burgers with cutlets of beef and chicken on the rolls in different variations. The frozen dish is available in a convenient, modern package that preserves the flavor and freshness over a long storage period. Burger is ready for use: contents of package is enough to warm up in the microwave.

"Ready burgers with exclusive sauces and chops of meat of our own production have no analogues in the Russian market. We create new products tailored to consumers ' preferences, introducing advanced technological solutions: in the line already loved by our customers burgers was renewed not only the range but also the packaging design. Meeting the growing consumer demand – our top priority. We plan to increase production of the popular products under the brand of "agribusiness" and to delight our customers with interesting new products," commented the press service of the holding.

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